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7 Portable Health Gadgets to Stay Fit and Healthy in The “New Norm”

The world as we know it has entirely shifted under our feet in the last six months. As we confine ourselves to our homes, the video-call service has become a way of life to communicate with family, friends, colleagues, and customers. Healthcare services have shifted to the digital domain creating a surge in in-home health monitoring devices and portable/wearable fitness devices. The constant tug of war to co-exist amidst the strict social distancing measures and remain fit has accelerated the adoption of health apps, tech home gadgets and online fitness classes like never before. Whether you suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes or you are just a fitness enthusiast, the SITEX Team brings you seven portable gadgets that will help you stay fit and healthy in the “new normal”.


Published on 27 Nov, 2020

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